4 Tips To Sell Your Mobile Home Fast

Are you getting ready to sell your mobile home? If you are on a budget, Sell Phoenix Mobile Home recommends a couple of quick and easy fixes to sell your mobile home fast in Arizona. The fixes will not cost more than $1,000. Do not sweat it if you don’t currently have the funds to do the repairs; however, we like to make the following repairs in order to sell our mobile homes as fast as possible.

Prior to doing the repairs, most families in Phoenix are concerned about five major mobile homes repairs: AC, electrical, plumbing, sub-flooring, and roofing. The five repairs will blow the $1000 budget, and might eventually scare off some of your potential buyers. Assuming that all of those big-ticket items that we talked about are taken care of, your family will not have an issue selling your mobile home with a little sweat equity.

IF, you do not want to do any repairs or want to sell your trailer ASAP. We buy mobile homes in Arizona as-is with cash in as little as 24 hours.

Getting rid of mobile home odors

Budget = $200

The first thing a family notices when they walk into a mobile home for sale is the odor… Does your mobile home stink? No worries, once you have empties & cleaned your mobile home. It is really easy to get rid of an odor with KIllz paint primer.

For example, we had a home actually sit on the market for about five months due to a foul odor smell. It had a horrible pet odor when the mobile home was vacant. Initially, we tried to sell the mobile home as-is; however, every person that walked through the home complained of the odor until we eventually had to fix the smell.

If you are planning on putting a new carpet in the home, you can get rid of the carpet that has the smell trapped inside. Next step, open the windows to let the home air out, and if it is really bad, you can use some Killz primer.

Deep Clean the Mobile Home

Budget = $300

Hire a professional deep cleaning company to clean the mobile home. They will get into the home and clean from wall to wall… especially wiping down all of the ceiling fans, walls, and appliances. We typically wait until the entire mobile home is empty until we have the cleaning crew do their work. During the cleaning, we have the professionals inform us if they find any rodents when they are going through the homes. Any type rodent, cockroaches, or even bedbugs can prevent you from selling the home in a timely fashion. You should be able hrie a deep cleaner and exterminator for less than $300. We want you to sell you mobile home as fast as possible 🙂

Mobile Home Landscaping

Budget = $150

Hiring a landscaping company will help give your manufactured home some curb appeal. In addition, it will help please your mobile home park manager and neighbors. We have found that something as small as an ankle-high weed will turn off a potential buyer the second they show up to the appointment. Sell Phoenix Mobile Home typically pulls all of the weeds, trim all bushes, and cleaning up the gravel. In addition, we will see if the landscaper can give our homes a quick power wash to make the mobile home shine. Painting will provide a better shine; however, it is not necessary and will cost approximately $600 to paint a mobile home.

Mobile Home Kitchen & Bathroom Updates

Budget= $350

The kitchen and bathrooms are very important when selling a mobile home in Arizona. Some families want to update the kitchen the second they walk in the house. Others want a fully functioning kitchen where they don’t have to worry about spending money the second the move-in. One cheap repair that makes kitchen & bathroom pop is a fresh paint of coat on the cabinets. We make sure all of the cabinets are fixed, and will typically put a new toilet in all of the bathrooms.

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Sell Phoenix Mobile Home if you have questions 🙂

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