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Finding a good mobile home mover in your neighborhood can be very difficult. Mobile homes are a very good affordable housing alternative; however, the homes are not easily moved from location to location. One of the most commonly asked questions to Mobile Homes Buyer, ” How can I move my mobile home for free?”

Unfortunately, you cannot just hook up a mobile home and pull it like you can a camper. DONT BE THIS GUY…

Redneck Mobile Moving

Transporting a manufactured home isn’t cheap. The following should help you learn more about the process of transporting a mobile home and finding the right mobile home mover for your situation.

How much does it cost to move a mobile home?

Mobile homes require special equipment and careful planning to move to your new site. You shouldn’t just choose the cheapest and the first company that you find – contact us for mobile home movers in Arizona. You’ll want to compare what each estimate includes and what additional costs will be needed (see below for hidden costs). The following will help you understand all the factors that a mobile home mover uses to calculate the cost of transporting a mobile home.

Preparing the Manufactured Home for the Move

Depending on how hands-on you want to be during the moving process, your family will have two different options while preparing to move. Either, you can prepare a majority of the house yourself, or hire a moving company to handle the entire process… For example, are you planning on moving the home with furniture inside? The furniture will need to be tied down by somebody.

What does the preparation process entail?

  • Discontinuing utility services in advance and hiring a licensed electrician and plumber to disconnect your home. (Professional should complete this step.)
  • Lifting the mobile home off the ground for axle and hitch installation. (Professional should complete this step.)
  • Removing skirting, sheds, air conditioning and decks and storing them safely for transport. (You might be able to complete some of the steps)
  • Securing windows so they don’t shatter.
  • Packing belongings & securing the furniture inside

Manufactured Housing Transport

Transporting mobile homes can be very difficult because most of them weigh upwards of 20,000 pounds. The first step of the moving process is to lift the home off of the foundation. This allows the movers to install the axels and wheels to the trailer. Once on wheels, the mover will have to follow all of the local laws such as: building permits, insurance, and guide cars. There are a lot of hidden logistics that go into moving a mobile home down the road.

Because of the weight, size, and length of mobile homes, movers must use major highways, travel slowly and stop frequently to replace axles and tires as needed.

Actual transportation costs between $5 and $15 per mile. Here, it is extremely important for the moving company you choose to have insurance for the total cost of damages that may occur during the move. TRUST US…. this needs to be discussed before you consider moving your home. Moreover, insurance, moving parts, and any other fees required by your local county or state will affect the cost. So check for local calculators and free estimates.

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Transporting mobile homes involves several factors including disassembly and assembly, distance, permits, travel time, and costs such as employees and gasoline. Therefore, it is essential to understand a great deal about your mobile home in order to get an accurate quote. Here are the factors that a mobile home mover uses to charge for transporting a mobile home:

Distance the home will travel

The transportation cost for most manufactured homes ranges between $5 and $15 per mile. However, the cost may vary by mover, state, and size of your mobile home. You may also have to pay movers according to the distance they have to travel between different locations during the moving process.

Location of the home: mobile home park or private land?

Moving out of private property is very different from moving out of a mobile home park and this might also affect your moving cost. For instance, when moving out of private property, you must note whether your mobile home is accessible from the road and whether it can accommodate the load. On the other hand, you must inquire whether the moving company will clean the lot when finished because the mobile home park might hold you responsible for any mess left by movers.

Local municipality

Most counties require that you have licenses and legal permits to move and/or install your mobile home. However, these costs usually depend on where you are moving from and where you are moving to.

Final Destination

Difficult mobile home moving trips usually cost more. Besides considering whether the roads along the way can accommodate the load, you must also understand that most townships require homeowners to acquire building permits in order to install manufactured homes and this will also affect the costs.

Manufactured Home Characteristics

In addition to the issues above, a mobile home mover also factors in the size and construction of the home:

  • Manufacturer – Believe it or not, every manufactured home manufacturer builds their homes to different standards. This includes roof pitches to different materials inside a house.
  • Size – The size of your mobile home impacts the costs. Expect 2x the price for a doublewide.
  • Axles and hitch – Does your mobile home still have the hitch and axels attached? You might be subject to paying for the installation of hitch, axels, and wheels.
  • Site cleanup – Do you need to clean up the property for a new home to be installed? Typically, it costs $1,500 for a site to be leveled and cleaned.
Off with ye tires and drop those axles

Finding Discounts 

Since most mobile home parks intend to make money in the long run, they may offer move-in incentives for people who want to live in their community. If you are lucky, the mobile home park owner might offer to pay for the setup or even part of the entire manufactured home move cost.

You simply need to compare different move-in incentives offered by different local parks and consider their restrictions for new and used mobile homes coming into their communities – size, age, and appearance. Make sure you understand all the details of the contract and have an attorney review it.

Considering all these factors, it is crucial to get individual quotes from several mobile home movers based on your trailer and your circumstances. Although moving a manufactured home is not an ideal alternative for everyone, getting accurate quotes from different companies will help you make the best decision based on what their moving packages entail and the respective costs.

Are you looking for a mobile home mover in Arizona or the Southwest? We work closely with a lot of movers that can help your family today!

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